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Art Commission: CLOSED
Live2D Rigging: Please enquire
I currently work for 【SodaArt】 as Live2D rigger, please contact me via email / discord if you would like to commission.

terms and CONDITIONS


-Artwork Commission Process-
Form > DM/Email > Invoice (50% Deposit) > Sketch > Line Art > Process > Completion > Payment > Sending Final Work

I reserve the right to refuse a commission if I can't meet the standards or render it well. It usually takes 2-4 weeks to finish after confirming the sktech. Work on the commission will not begin until full payment has been received.

▼TERMS AND CONDITIONS▼- Accept payment via PayPal
- Refunds are only offered if I am unable to deliver the commission due to my own issues.
- Personal use only
- Reference Image of character required
- Depending on the character complexity, I may charge more than the standard price
- I’ll send you the sketch before start with lines, please let me know if you want to adjust anything
- One small change on the final pieces. Any additional changes will incur fees
*commercial / private purposes please contact▼COPYRIGHT▼
I retain the copyright to the artwork, DON'T resell, edit, trace, modify or alter the piece in any way. You can use it as pfp or header, print out for self-use.
- Do not claim the artwork as your own, or mislead people into thinking it is your creation
- Please credit "YUI / @yui930_log" when you post the commission
- I have the right to post the artwork on any SNS (with watermark)
- Full privacy may incur additional fees
- My work cannot be used for NFTs or any crypto art and AI training
- All the sources of materials (e.g. texture, patterns, 3D models...) I use in the commission are all legal commercial use or personal photography, and there is no copyright dispute.
▼Use of Art▼
The listed prices are for personal use only. No matter which license is prohibited to print and sell.
Personal Use: Publishing artwork and using it in icons, banners, personal printing.
Commercial Use: Branding and promotion, such as schedule, thumbnails, cover art, etc. This will incur an additional fee (approximately +80-100%). Commercial licenses can be purchased retroactively.
Fanart of Manga / Animate / Game
Sexy pose / Erotic atmosphere
NSFW (Full naked, sex organ)
Character Design
Real People
Offensive Content

Please fill out this form and email [email protected]
I'll reply you via email/DM within one week.
▼Commission Form▼Nickname:
Twitter username: @
Preferred contact: (Twitter/Discord/Email)
Commission Type:
Paypal Email: (this email will be invoiced)
Character Type: (name of the game/OC/Vtuber)
Character Name:
Commission details / references: (pose, expressions, atmosphere, any background/props, reference pictures...etc)

Artwork Price

Full color | 300dpi | 1500px+ | PNG file
Chibi 800-1500px
Background: White/Solid color/Transparent
If you need other backgrounds, add pets, props...etc, please discuss with me.All prices are inclusive of Paypal fee

Full Body - 53USD / 420HKD
Add Character + Base

Bust Up
110USD / 800HKD
Add Character + 60%
Maximum 2 characters

Half Body
170USD / 1350HKD
Add Character + 70%
Maximum 2 characters

Full Body


中文使用者請參見繁體中文詳細說明:Live2D委託【YUI】Live2D Model Files (.moc3) for VTube StudioPlease understand that Live2D models require multiple back-and-forth confirmations, and if the image is incomplete, it may require artists to make modifications midway. Once commissioned, it represents that you agree to all the terms on this page.I have the right to refuse the commission if I can’t fulfil the standards or if I can't render it well.-Commission Process-Form > DM/Email > Discussion
I will discuss the details with you. Please provide an existing character/design sheet (JPG/PSD) of your model, budget, and requirements as detailed as possible.
If you would like to commission a Vtuber model rigging but haven't finished the illustration yet, you can make a reservation. Please discuss this with me.Invoice (50% Deposit)
Additional charges will be incurred if you wish to add additional content after sending the deposit.
Preparation for production
Please provide me with the PSD file that is ready for rigging.
Working on commission
Starting the production of the Live2D model
Throughout the process, I will provide you with updates on the progress:
- Eye blinking and mouth
- Head angles
- body movements
- other details
During the commission process, I encourage clients to provide feedback. Please keep your freebacks concise to facilitate modifications.Completion > Payment > Final Work
You can run the model in VTubeStudio to check if there are any problems; any discovered bugs will be fixed free of charge.
Please inquire if you have any question.Email: [email protected]
Discord: yui930


▼PAYMENT/PRICE▼- Accept payment via PayPal, 10% PayPal fees are NOT included in the price list.
- No refunds
- Can be used for monetized content. (Twitch, Youtube stream...etc)
- The price may be adjusted based on the complexity of the commission.
- If you decide to cancel the commission during the production period, additional fees may be incurred depending on the progress of the production, in addition to any deposit already paid.▼ABOUT LIVE2D RIGGING▼- Live2D rigging commission does not include drawing the model.
- The provided file should NOT exceed 8000 pixels on the longer side.
- I don't accept models created by using AI.
- The provided PSD file must be a properly prepared file (layer order and naming, separated, and grouped).
- Range of the angle will depend on how the parts are separated.
- The model (especially the face) should be centered, facing forward, as symmetrical as possible.
- I use VTube Studio and iPhone tracking for testing.
- You will only receive the MOC3 file.
- If I find that the provided images cannot meet your requirements during the production period, I will contact you to discuss whether the images need to be modified by the artist or if the production approach needs to be changed.
- I can also make the modifications myself; additional fees will apply.
▼PRIVACY▼- If you agree with me posting work in progress (WIP) when filling out the form, I will have the right to share short videos (such as partial clips of clothing) on social media. You can also inquire with me before posting the Live2D process.▼COPYRIGHT▼- Please DON'T claim that the work as your own.
- Please credit "YUI / @yui930_log" (Live2D rigging/Papa) when you use the model.
- I have the right to create a Live2D showcase video to display the commissioned work.
▼NOTICE▼- If you're on the waitlist, I will contact you to confirm the details of the commission again before starting your commission.
- To check the commission progress, you can contact me or check my schedule.
- If there are any future upgrades, additional expressions, or outfit changes required, please feel free to contact me!

Please fill out this form and email [email protected]
I'll reply to you via email or DM within one week. No immediate payment is required when submitting the commission form.
▼Commission Form▼Nickname:
Twitter username: @
Preferred contact: (Twitter/Email/Discord)
Please provide your discord if you want me to contact you via discord.
Commission Type: e.g., premium full body / premium half body
Paypal Email: This email will be invoiced.
Character/Vtuber Name: I will use this name for the Live2D showcase.
Is it okay to post WIP: Y / N
Commission details / references:
*Please provide an existing character/design sheet (JPG/PSD) of your model, budget, debut date, and requirements as detailed as possible.

Price List

I can also provide a quote based on your budget and requirements, or rig a simpler model. Please contact me for further discussion.After confirming the details, it took around 4–8 weeks to finish the rigging.

Leg Movement-Y
Hip-depends on model
Eyes PhysicsYY
Hair PhysicsSimpleAdvanced
Mouth (Non-VBridger)9 Mouth Forms12-16 Mouth Forms
Cheek Puff (iOS only)NY
Face Expression-2
Arm MovementUpper ArmAdvanced
Finger Movement-Y
Body PhysicsBasicAdvanced
Clothing PhysicsSimpleAdvanced
Accessories PhysicsSimpleAdvanced

Additional Features

Complexity of design$30-500+
PSD file correction$30+
PSD parts separation$60-300+
Tongue Out$100
Cheek Puff (iOS only)$40
Accessories / Tails / Ears$50+
Leg / Hip$60-150

Extra Hand Toggles
Controller Hand Poses
Additional Hairstyle
Additional Outfits
...etcPlease discuss with me!


Last updated: 24 MAY 2024

#159Bust Up + add charaFinished
#160Rendered - Half BodyFinished
#161Sketch - Half BodyFinished
#162Sketch - Bust Up + add charaFinished
#164Rendered - Bust Up + add charaFinished
#165[Jul] Rendered - Bust Up + add charaFinished
#166[Jul] Sketch - Half Body + add charaFinished
#167[Aug] Rendered - Half BodyFull Payment
#166[Aug] Rendered - Bust UpFull Payment
#155Live 2D Rigging (Half Body)Signed Contract > Deposit (waiting psd)
#167[AUG] Live 2D Rigging (Full Body)Deposit > psd checked